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Hometown Shopping 2014
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The age-old expression says "practice makes perfect," and most of us believe it to be true. It sounds like common sense. If you want to do something well, the key is to do it often. That generally works when it comes to sports, artwork or other activities we want to master. However, sometimes the... >>
Everyone has experienced the soothing release of a nice, long stretch. Whether at the start of the workday upon stepping sleepily out of bed or getting out of the car after a long drive, a stretch is a therapeutic part of our daily routines. But there's more to stretching than that. ... >>
The word arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning "joint" and the Latin itis meaning "inflammation." Yes, I know: that just brought new meaning to the phrase, "It's all Greek to me!" Let's face it: When suffering, no one cares about word origins; they care about solutions. Arthritis is a... >>
Neck pain is, frankly, well...a pain in the neck! Nobody wants it, and if somebody has it, he desperately wants to get rid of it. To do so, he should consider how he got the pain in the first, then takes steps to alleviate it. So what is the source of neck pain? Neck pain might stem from a variety... >>
If ever there was a time to know your healthcare coverage, it's now. Due to new federal legislation, many plans are changing, so it is especially essential that you are not caught unaware. The "ignorance is bliss" days are over--if they ever even existed. The more appropriate adage now is... >>
Bathtubbuzz - Where Savvy people shop for all their Bath Luxuries!!! From "Fun and Feel...
Garber's Men's Wear
Established in the Plaza in 1960, Garber's Men's Wear is Cape Girardeau's signature men's clothing...
Main Street Flooring & Interiors
412 E Main St, Jackson, MO 63755 - 573-243-8888 STOP by today and see...
Mid America Rehab
Mid America Rehab 3047 William Street, Suite 100, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703 573-339-5989 Fax -...
Davis Farm Supplies
Davis Farm Supplies 1200 N. Main, Perryville, MO 63775 - 573-547-4556 / 5547 N. Highway 61,...
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